Day 14: Idyllwild to Mile 182.7

We had pleasant stay at the Idyllwild Inn and this morning they gave us a ride back to Saunders Meadow Road where we stopped hiking yesterday, so we could resume our hike around the Mountain Forest Fire closure. We walked to the South Ridge Trail which rejoins the Pacific Crest Trail after climbing Tahquitz Peak.Continue reading “Day 14: Idyllwild to Mile 182.7”

Day 13: Hurkey Creek CG to Idyllwild

After a surprising restful night at a nearly empty Hurkey Creek Campground we continued our adventure in search of a route to Idyllwild. We found a mountain bike trail running north of the campground that parallels Highway 74 just to the east. We followed it until it began to veer away from the highway, soContinue reading “Day 13: Hurkey Creek CG to Idyllwild”

Day 12: Mile 144 to Hurkey Creek Campground

We reached the closure of the Pacific Crest Trail at mile 162.6 this morning and began our little adventure of finding a way around the Mountain Forest Fire closure area. So far, it has gone pretty well. In case anyone is interested, this is the route we took: At the PCT closure signs we tookContinue reading “Day 12: Mile 144 to Hurkey Creek Campground”

Day 10: Chihuahua Valley Road to mile 144

Another 8:30 start time (again), we need to improve on that. It was day two of pain free hiking for Deb thanks to borrowing Lon’s knee strap. She’s turning into a very happy camper. We took a pleasant long lunch break at Tule Spring. A pretty day of hiking, especially around the Nance Canyon area.Continue reading “Day 10: Chihuahua Valley Road to mile 144”

Day Nine: Highway 79 (2nd Crossing) to Chihuahua Valley Road

We woke up well fed and rested. Monty dropped us off at the trailhead and we began our hike. Deb bounded up the trail full of energy. She wants to know what the magic ingredient is that Monty served in the meals, because she was full of energy all day. We arrived at Trail AngelContinue reading “Day Nine: Highway 79 (2nd Crossing) to Chihuahua Valley Road”