Day 20: Arrastre Trail Camp to Big Bear

Today we hiked the eight miles to Big Bear where we will be taking our first zero day* of our hike. We actually will be taking five days off, because we will be catching a ride with friends to Lake Morena and the Pacific Crest Trail kickoff (AKA ADZPCTKO). We checked into the Big BearContinue reading “Day 20: Arrastre Trail Camp to Big Bear”

Day 19: Mission Springs Trail Camp to Arrastre Trail Camp

We woke up to find ice crystals on our sleeping bags and the thermometer read 28 degrees. We have climbed back into the mountains and the pine trees. Our camp at Mission Springs was the last water source on the Pacific Crest Trail for 16 miles, until tonight’s campsite at Arrastre Trail Camp. We hadContinue reading “Day 19: Mission Springs Trail Camp to Arrastre Trail Camp”

Day 18: Mission Creek to Mission Springs Trail Camp

We awoke to find ants marching around and under our tent. It took a little extra time shaking the ants off everything before we were ready to hike. Once we started hiking the Pacific Crest Trail it was along the very pretty Mission Creek. The creek was flowing and flowers blooming. We are regaining mostContinue reading “Day 18: Mission Creek to Mission Springs Trail Camp”

Day 17: Ziggy and The Bear to Mission Creek

Out went the coffee pot at 5 am and up popped 20 Pacific Crest Trail hikers eager to begin their day. We had a quick breakfast, packed up our gear, said our goodbyes, and headed for the trail. We soon came upon Whitewater Creek filled with holiday weekend visitors. After a foot soak in theContinue reading “Day 17: Ziggy and The Bear to Mission Creek”

Day 16: Mile 201.7 to Ziggy and The Bear

Today was a short day of hiking to trail angel Ziggy and the Bear’s place just outside of Cabazon, CA. We had camped about four miles south of the Desert Water Agency water fountain placed in the desert for Pacific Crest Trail hikers. Excellent water, and the first water source in 20 miles. The securityContinue reading “Day 16: Mile 201.7 to Ziggy and The Bear”

Day 15: Mile 182.7 to Mile 201.7

Today’s hike took us across Fuller Ridge and then the very steep descent down the north side of Mount San Jacinto. Fuller Ridge is notorious among Pacific Crest Trail hikers for being covered with dangerous snow and ice, but with the dry year we have had, Fuller Ridge was virtually snow free and easy toContinue reading “Day 15: Mile 182.7 to Mile 201.7”