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Rethinking Social Media

I am rethinking social media for 2019 and will be moving updates about our adventures to the blog and away from Facebook (which I mostly stopped using in 2018).

We are in the middle of planning a number of adventures for 2019 — a walk across Spain on the Camino de Santiago, hiking Wyoming or Colorado on the Continental Divide Trail, and fun RV adventures across the West. A goal for 2019 is to be better about updating my blog. So, stay tuned.

PS – You will need to refollow if you want WordPress to send an email about new blog posts. A technical issue caused the blog follower list to be reset.

Other Topics

Blog Housekeeping

I have been doing some blog reorganization recently. Information about Pacific Crest Trail Maps, Smartphone Apps, and other Halfmile Projects will be moving to Check it out to learn the status of various Halfmile Projects and find other useful Halfmile PCT information. will remain active as my personal blog. Photographs and information about my various travels will continue to be posted here.

Other Topics moves to

The website has been moved to for hosting. Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed this site had been on Tumblr the past few months.

Tumbr was great because it’s so easy to post updates, especially for mobile users. I had a difficult time deciding between WordPress and Tumblr. They are very different approaches to blogging — Tumblr is simple but limited; WordPress is more powerful, but with a little added complexity. Ultimately, the power of WordPress won me over (and it’s not really very difficult to use WordPress).

WordPress comes in two versions and that confuses some people — and The differences are explained in this link. is now hosted by, which is the more limited of the two WordPress versions. You can’t add your own plugins, widgets or themes. Only those provided by can be used. The advantage, is that WordPress engineers take care of keeping the software updated, secure, and running quickly. The last think I want to do, especially if I’m away on a long thru-hike, is worry about updating WordPress plugins from a ridgetop somewhere along the Pacific Crest Trail.

What is your favorite blogging platform?