Day Nine: Highway 79 (2nd Crossing) to Chihuahua Valley Road

We woke up well fed and rested. Monty dropped us off at the trailhead and we began our hike.

Deb bounded up the trail full of energy. She wants to know what the magic ingredient is that Monty served in the meals, because she was full of energy all day.

We arrived at Trail Angel Mike’s place, expecting only water and a place to camp, but found trail magic. Tom from Kennedy Meadows was helping Kushy, and they served an excellent dinner and breakfast the next day.

Photo: Chihuahua Valley Road where Trail Angel Mike’s place is located.

Trail Date: Friday , April 11th

Mileage: 15.9 miles

Hiker Tips: Get a head start on the hike to Chihuahua Valley Road, consider camping North of Warner Springs along Agua Caliente Creek.

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  1. Again, a beautiful photograph. Excellent combination of color, composition, and light. It captures the fine time you report.


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