Day 20: Arrastre Trail Camp to Big Bear

Today we hiked the eight miles to Big Bear where we will be taking our first zero day* of our hike. We actually will be taking five days off, because we will be catching a ride with friends to Lake Morena and the Pacific Crest Trail kickoff (AKA ADZPCTKO).

We checked into the Big Bear Hostel which is full of hikers we have met along the trail.

*A zero day is a day off from hiking when you hike zero miles.

Photo: We were surprised to see Joshua Trees near Big Bear.

Trail Date: Tuesday, April 22nd

Mileage: 8.1 miles

One thought on “Day 20: Arrastre Trail Camp to Big Bear”

  1. Halfmile your mom was right! These straight out of camera photos you are posting are great!!! Now I’m going to have to re-think which camera to carry on the Camino.
    Enjoyed seeing you and Deb and chatting at ADZ.
    Wishing you both continued great hiking.
    XXOO Gottago


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