Day 16: Mile 201.7 to Ziggy and The Bear

Today was a short day of hiking to trail angel Ziggy and the Bear’s place just outside of Cabazon, CA.

We had camped about four miles south of the Desert Water Agency water fountain placed in the desert for Pacific Crest Trail hikers. Excellent water, and the first water source in 20 miles. The security guard even drove down the hill (a camera guards the fountain) to give us a history lesson about the pristine water source – it supplies the Palm Springs area. He also warned us about 2 diamondback rattlesnakes stretched across the road we were about to descend – we haven’t seen any yet but thought we saw the tail end of one today.

Now we are at Ziggy and The Bear’s. We enjoyed Epson Salt foot baths, showers, food, music, and lots of Hiker (and trail angel) companionship. We were hiker number 150 and 151 to check in this year.

Tomorrow morning we start the long climb to Big Bear.

Photo: Jimson weed blooming along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Trail Date: Friday , April 18th

Mileage: 9.1 miles

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