Day 109

Day 109: July 20th
Mile 1512.5 (Sulphur Creek) to Mile 1534.7

Today was a big climb. Our camp at Sulphur Creek was 2,680 feet and we are camped tonight on a little ridge at 6,950 feet. It’s nice and cool up here.

The climb today was through forest and it was very steamy, with terrible flying insects (again). But as we continued to climb the trees diminished and the desert shrubbery appeared. Soon after we broke onto the ridge with beautiful views of the Castle Crags – they look like the wicked witch could be living in there. After that we walked along the ridgeline of the Trinity Divide. All these views made the long climb worth the effort!

We encounterd String Bean today, who is attempting a Pacific Crest Trail supported speed record. He has run/hiked in 33 days what we have done in 109 days. String Bean seems like a nice guy and we were surprised how much he seems to be enjoying himself considering what he is doing. He has a web site at

Mileage: 22.2

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