Day 108

Day 108: July 19th
Mile 1494.6 to Mile 1512.5 (Sulphur Creek)

The 11 miles to Castle Crags (Castella) was easy walking and we ended up walking to the State Park. We decided to resupply at the small store just outside the park. The selections were limited but we were able to find some food, besides the normal oatmeal, in the hiker box too.

We considered staying overnight in the campground ($3 per person) but instead ate lunch at the store and then took showers at the campground (nice hot water!) while waiting out the afternoon heat. We had time to rinse some clothes too.

Then it was time to head back up the frontage road to the trailhead. We camped about 6 miles further up the trail. The off-trail road walk added about 4 extra miles to our late day and we made camp about 8 pm.

Mileage: 17.9

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