Day 110

Mount Shasta

Day 110: July 21st
Mile 1534.7 to Mile 1556.4

We woke to a beautiful view of Mount Shasta from our campsite. The hiking was much easier today after yesterday’s climbing. The trail was mostly level all day and the weather was much cooler, to all the hikers’ delight. We met happy hikers all day long at the water sources. The views continued to be expansive and colorful, views of the Shasta- Trinity Wilderness.

The nice day continued until late afternoon thunderstorms appeared and we had to hurry to find a campsite and set up our tent. We haven’t been clipping the vestibule doors shut for so long we almost forgot how they work. We just beat the rain by a minute! It rained all evening and put us to sleep.

Mileage: 21.7

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