Day 107

Day 107: July 18th
Mile 1476 (Ash Camp) to Mile 1494.6

We had quite a crowd of hikers at Ash Camp last night, probably around 20. Now that we have picked up our pace we find ourselves around the the same group of 30 of so hikers. We don’t see them all every day and it was unusual to see so many in one spot last night.

The Pacific Crest Trail lost a lot of elevation as it dropped to the McCloud River yesterday so naturally today we had to climb. We climbed a lot, around 5,900 feet counting all the ups and downs. It’s amazing how strong we have both become after 1,400 miles, the climbing was not really all that bad (so says Lon…).

A couple issues have arisen in this leg: Bees have been everywhere; apparently they think Deb’s orange shirt is a flower. And poison oak was all over the trail and very difficult to avoid.

We did managed to enjoy another pretty creek in the afternoon for second lunch, with a foot soak, swim, and jacuzzi waterfall. Water does wonders for our feet. We have many eating times during a day: breakfast, second breakfast, snack, lunch, second lunch, snack, and dinner. Deb thinks we need to add dessert.

Only 11 miles tomorrow morning to get us to a store to resupply – our choices are Castella, Dunsmuir, or Shasta. Which will we choose?

Mileage: 18.7

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