Day 106

Sunset rainfall.

Day 106: July 17th
Mile 1452 to Mile 1476 (Ash Camp)

We awoke to a light rain which also provided a welcome cool down in the temperature. We only briefly considered going back to sleep. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise and helped us get in a high-mileage day to reach McCloud River. The intermittent drizzles wet us down, then the intermittent breezes cooled us as they dried us off. Improving the day were spectacular open views, including of Mt. Shasta. And making our day even better was an abundance of water crossings. Amazing how different the day was from yesterday.

The McCloud River turned out to be milky with silt, but there is a clear stream feeding it and a pool of water that all us hikers are enjoying at camp.

Mileage: 24

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