Day 105

Day 105: July 16th
Mile 1429.3 to Mile 1452

A warm day and 4,000 feet of up and down climbing tired us out today. We are at higher elevation now and hopefully the weather will cool down soon.

The trail is so dusty in this section that both of us are experiencing foot problems again. There also wasn’t much water today and it is difficult to justify using your drinking water to rinse your feet or socks at rest breaks. We have seen many colors of dust: brown (typical), red, orange, black (lava), and chalky white (gypsum?)

The day was spent hiking near the tops of the mountains but open views of the region were limited to just minutes. We mostly just saw the trail in front of us and trees – not too exciting and a little tedious for one of us.

Mileage: 22.7

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