Day 104

Burney Falls

Day 104: July 15th
Mile 1412.8 to Mile 1429.3

The weather cooled down today to just hot (from yesterday’s extremely hot). This combined with a several hours afternoon break at Burney Falls State Park made for a more pleasant day.

We did go into the town of Burney to resupply at the Von’s grocery store and to pick up a package at the post office. Lon ordered a new smaller sized hip belt for his backpack since he has lost weight. Another reason we also stopped at McDonalds for 2 large milkshakes to go.

Burney Falls was a sight to behold! The creekbed is dry and then water percolates out of the lava bedrock downstream, the water growing in volume into a magnificent waterfall. We are really enjoying our short detours off-trail.

Mileage: 16.5

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