Day 103

The view from the Hat Creek Rim.

Day 103: July 14th
Mile 1391.2 to Mile 1412.8

The weather forecast was for 100 degree temperatures and it delivered.

The day started out nice enough. Pleasant, almost cool, temperatures as we started hiking the Hat Creek Rim were we stopped in the dark the night before (a few miles before the lookout tower site). Cache 22 was stocked and we found Coppertone there serving his trademark root beer floats. These were our third floats from Coppertone in four encounters.

And then, the day got warmer and warmer and warmer. 110 degrees if Weather Underground is correct. It kind of took the joy out of walking. Not much that we could do except tough it out and complete the hike down off the Hat Creek Rim to the next water about 10 miles away. Fortunately we were carrying plenty of water to drink.

We passed the 1,400 mile mark today.

Mileage: 21.6

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