Day 102

Sunset from the Hat Creek Rim.

Day 102: July 13th
Mile 1373.6 to Mile 1391.2

This morning we encountered trail magic from Chef and Jerry-can just after leaving camp, and enjoyed a second breakfast from them: yummmm, emu egg omelets!

We met up with a friend in Old Station who let us chill for the afternoon until 5 pm, waiting out the afternoon heat wave. Hah! Silly us! It was still hot when we left.

Still we took the time and extra mile to detour and investigate Subway Cave, a cool underground lava tube. Afterwards we headed up Hat Creek Rim for our long waterless stretch, each of us carrying 5 liters of water.

We stopped our night hiking at 11 pm, tired from being hypnotized by our headlamps: we had expected the full moon to do more to light the trail for us.

Mileage: 17.6

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