Day 101

Terminal Geyser

Day 101: July 12th
Mile 1350.1 to Mile 1373.6

Most of today’s hiking was in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Just a few miles into our hike we took the side trail to Terminal Geyser, which is a very cool steam vent that spews great clouds of steam into the air. After that the Pacific Crest Trail passes near Boiling Lake, another interesting site.

Soon we got to Warner Valley campground, but had already decided to bypass the resort of Drakesbad and the breakfast buffet and pool. It never really was on our day’s agenda.

We continued another 15 miles or so and exited Lassen National Park and then dropped down to camp at the very lovely Hat Creek, where we cooled off before hiker midnight. The day’s hiking was mostly flat for the afternoon through the 2012 Reading fire area, but still the hiking seemed slow because of the sun exposure (hot lately!) and the sandy, dusty trail. Obviously the PCT is never really easy.

Photo: Terminal Geyser

Mileage: 23.5

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