Day 100

Day 100: July 11th
Chester, CA to Mile 1350.1

Surprisingly neither of us slept well in our cute little motel room: we now seem to get a better night’s sleep in outdoors – go figure. Lon was congested and Deb’s legs couldn’t get comfortable on the nice, soft bed.

We slept in until 7 and then got a very reasonably priced breakfast at the Copper Kettle cafe. Deb barely began to write up a hitch hiking sign when Debbie and Tina offered us a ride back to the trail, since they were headed that way to pick up Debbie’s son and other hikers. We so enjoyed our stay in Chester!

Back on trail we hiked the first 9 miles over gentle terrain, a welcome relief when your pack is newly heavy with food. Then it was back to climbing and we are now camped in Lassen Volcanic National Park. We are about 3 miles from Drakesbad, but haven’t decided whether to stop by for breakfast.

Mileage: 15.5

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