Day 99

Day 99: July 10th
Mile 1317.9 to Chester, CA

Today we hiked to Chester, CA where a package was waiting for us at the Post Office. Both Deb and I received new shoes (we have been wearing our old shoes for 630 miles, since Kennedy Meadows South). We both got new Platypus water containers to replace leaking ones, and Lon got new smaller size pants.

The grocery store here is one of the best along the Pacific Crest Trail so we were easily able to purchase food here.

Chester is a very hiker friendly little town. Robert and Shannon happened to be restocking coolers of drinks and fruit for hikers at the PCT highway crossing and gave us a ride into town. Dr. Webb (the town dentist) gives hikers gift certificates for a local restaurant (along with toothpaste and floss). The laundry was across the street from a place that serves some of the best milk shakes we have ever had.

We stayed at the Antlers motel, “the cutest little thing in Chester!” We happily took the last room available and were delighted that laundry, grocery, banks, and food were all nearby – hikers hate walking anywhere off-trail, in case you were wondering.

Mileage: 16.8

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