Day 94

Day 94: July 5th
Mile 1216.1 to Mile 1238.7

Today was a pleasant day of hiking mostly through wooded mountains. We saw few other hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail today as most of them probably stayed in Sierra City for the Fourth of July. They will catch up to us in a few days however.

For the past 500 miles we have had little worries about water, but that is changing. This section is dryer with water sources farther apart. Not Southern California dry, but we do have to think about where the next water sources are. We also started treating our water with Aqua Mira again which we didn’t do in the Sierra to Echo Lake sections. The lack of easy water is also making it harder to stay clean. Our last shower was in South Lake Tahoe and our next is probably in Chester: Deb envies Lon’s short hair!

Mileage: 22.6

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