Day 93

Day 93: July 4th
Sierra City to Mile 1216.1

We awoke on the Fouth of July in Sierra City to find that the electrical power was out for the whole town. This caused us to cancel holiday calls home (Verizon cell service was down too, we were surprised how well it worked yesterday), breakfast at the Red Moose Inn (the cafe was closed), phone charging and blog updating.

Not much we could do but eat some pastries Deb bought yesterday and hike the Pacific Crest Trail where electrical power is never an issue.

It’s pretty big climb out of Sierra City. The trail gains about 3,000 feet in the first seven miles as it winds around the massive Sierra Butte. Deb and her new ultralight pack almost flew up the trail.

We do need to pick up our pace if we are going to reach Canada before the snow starts flying. 22-24 mile days should become routine. We are both optimistic that this is possible now.

Today we passed the 1,200 mile mark.

Photo: Sierra Butte.

Mileage: 18.6

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