Day 95

Day 95: July 6th
Mile 1238.7 to Mile 1260.7

Today’s highlight was the very refreshing Middle Fork of the Feather River where we soaked, cleaned up, rinsed the dust out of clothing, and relaxed for a few hours.

Water was more plentiful today as we crossed several lush and green creeks after the Feather River, including Bear Creek. We had views of wooded canyons all day long and although we were doing a big 8 mile climb after leaving the Feather River, we seemed to stay midway up all the mountains we rounded, never quite reaching a ridge with an open view.

We also saw our first rattlesnake today, which is amazing considering how far along in the hike we are. It’s not uncommon for Pacific Crest Trail hikers to see a half dozen rattlesnakes before leaving Southern California. I guess our early start (April 3rd), and the cooler weather, cut down on our sightings.

Photo: Bear Creek

Mileage: 22

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