Day 43: Mile 538.6 to Oak Creek

We were happy to be back on real trail today as the heat and road walking the past two days have taken a toll on our feet. However the trail tread continued to be very sandy and we had three climbs today. Deb’s pinky toe has a pretty serious blister, and Lon had his first blister of the hike. Fortunately Lon’s blister is small and a little tape took care of it. Deb was not so lucky. Dr. Lon exercised his mastery with a needle and drained her blister with thread, which she left in overnight to dry out the blister.

Eventually the trail led to a (surprising to us) water cache with chairs. We were carrying enough water so we just signed the register. We encountered Heidi from the Pacific Crest Trail Association there too, doing some survey work in connection with the BLM to protect the trail from motorcycle use.

We camped at the first road crossing into Tehachapi, planning to finish the remaining 8 miles in the morning.

Photo: Tehachapi, the land of windmills and wind farms.

Trail Date: Thursday, May 15th

Mileage: 19.6 miles

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