Day 42: Hikertown to Mile 538.6

We got a 6:30 am start from Hikertown since it was forecast to be warm today.

The Pacific Crest Trail follows a covered aqueduct for 17 miles, so today was not exactly the scenic highlight of the trail.

One would think that flat walking would be easy for hikers but that wasn’t true for us. The road walking yesterday put different pressures on our feet. Today the “trail” options were to walk on the concrete covering the aqueduct or walk on the sandy jeep road beside it. Our feet were unhappy. Deb had to break out her iPod for the first time on this entire thru-hike. She is thinking her body isn’t designed for road walking. Her hint for future hikers is to consider taking a zero at Hikertown to give the body a rest between the two road walks.

When we reached the Cottonwood Creek Bridge we joined 10 other hikers relaxing in the shade waiting out the afternoon heat. We fixed dinner and about 5:30 hiked on to an awesome hilltop campsite above the windmills. We had views of the town lights, the full moon, and we were surrounded by the red blinking lights on the windmills. Surreal.

Photo: The view from camp above the wind farm.

Trail Date: Wednesday, May 14th

Mileage: 21 miles

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