Day 44-45: Oak Creek to Tehachapi Pass

Friday was a short day hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail to Highway 58 and Tehachapi Pass, where we were met by White Jeep and Dal. They gave us a ride into the town of Tehachapi and swapped out the GPS trail logger with a new version with updated software.

We decided to take a zero day Saturday to rest and recover and escape the heat. This is only our second zero day of the hike not related to attending ADZPCTKO (the kickoff event.) The hiker friendly and very nice Best Western here is full of hikers doing the same thing.

We quickly got our chores done (lunch, showers, laundry, and groceries) and settled into our nice room. The pool and jacuzzi also awaited us.

Tomorrow we will start hiking a dry section of the PCT, and will likely have heavy packs due to the water we will need to carry. In about a week we will reach Kennedy Meadows and shortly after that we will be in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Photo: Tehachapi Pass

Trail Date: May 16-17th

Mileage: 8.2 miles

One reply on “Day 44-45: Oak Creek to Tehachapi Pass”

Hope those blisters heal up quickly!
How much weight are you carrying on the average? How often do you restock your food? The food you get at the local grocery stores must be heavier than the freeze dried stuff we usually carry on our backpacks in the Sierras! However our packs for a 10 day trip are usually about 45 pounds when we start off, but thankfully get lighter as we eat up our supplies!
I am really enjoying your blogs!


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