Day 41: Casa de Luna to Hikertown

This section of the Pacific Crest Trail has a concentration of three trail angels, and thanks to the Power Fire closure, and the road walk as a result, we walked from Casa de Luna to Hikertown today. The road walk was about 20 miles and we ended up bypassing about 40 miles of the PCT.

The walk did take us into Lake Hughes where hikers can get snacks (and actually resupply) at the small store, or get a meal or room at the Rock Inn. We ate ice cream bars as our second breakfast and walked on. And on and on and on. The road walk got tedious near the end of the day and Deb was happy to see the last of the painted white line on the road.

Hikertown is an interesting place. A little like a movie set. We were assigned the (only) room in the “hotel” which had old film star photos on the walls, an outdoor barbecue/fireplace, and no bathroom. The hiker lounge in the garage does have a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. We feel spoiled since we have had three showers in four days during our stays with three trail angels.

Photo: Hikertown

Trail Date: Tuesday, May 13th

Mileage: 21ish miles

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