Day 40: Mile 471.3 to Casa de Luna

Today was a nero to Casa de Luna and the Andersons. We were welcomed by Estero with a stack of five fresh cinnamon pancakes and since it was our second breakfast split three of them and passed the remaining ones to the next hiker to arrive. We are delighted to find Peru here too, helping out the Andersons, and have spent an enjoyable day catching up on her adventures.

Hikers have been arriving all day, to a round of applause from the hikers already here. But the numbers have remained constant at about 15 since hikers are departing at various times during day.

The big debate is which of the three alternate detours to walk from here to Hiker town. We plan to the option one road walk on

Photo: Camping in the Manzanita Forest.

Trail Date: Monday, May 12th

Mileage: 6.9 miles

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