Day 32: Guffy Campground to Wrightwood

Today was a nero, as we only hiked 4.9 miles to the Pacific Crest Trail crossing of Highway 2.

We met JJ at the highway and he gave us a ride into town along with Gotta Walk who we met on the trail just a few minutes earlier. Gotta Walk has hiked just about everywhere, including the 5,000 mile American Discovery Trail and the Triple Crown. We all went into town and had a great breakfast.

JJ dropped us off at the Pines Motel, where we cleaned up and resupplied at the local grocery store. We were both still a little tired from yesterday’s climb so we mostly relaxed in our room. We did a little online shopping – Lon is looking very svelte lately and other hikers have been noticing too. He ordered a smaller size of hiking pants. He, of course, attributes his weight loss to Deb eating more than her share of the food.

Photo: The Pines Motel, our home for the night.

Trail Date: Sunday, May 4th

Mileage: 4.9 miles

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