Day 31: Bike Spring to Guffy Campground

We got an early (for us) 6 am start as we made the long slow climb up the waterless section of the Pacific Crest Trail to the mountains above Wrightwood.

We had amazing views as we climbed. We could see Cajon Pass below and the thousands of cars speeding along the interstate highway to Los Angeles. We could see San Gorgonio Mountain that we passed on our way to Big Bear and Mount San Jacinto, where we were two weeks ago.

It seemed to take forever to reach the cool shade of the pine trees, especially since we were running a little low on water and had to conserve.

We made it to Guffy Campground around 3:30, tired but happy.

Photo: Deb fills up with water at the end of the day at Guffy Spring

Trail Date: Saturday, May 3rd

Mileage: 16.9 miles

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