Day 33: Wrightwood to Little Jimmy Trail Camp

Wright wood is a hiker-friendly little town. The grocery store has a sign welcoming Pacific Crest Trail hikers next to a display of hiker food. The coffee shop gives hikers a free cup of coffee and takes their picture for the store’s photo album. The hardware store has a trail register.

The Pines Motel, where we stayed, gives rides to the trail and we signed up for one at 6:45 am.

Mount Baden-Powell was the highlight of the day. Named after the founder of the Boy Scouts. It was pretty windy on the summit. We had lunch partially sheltered by a gnarled tree and then hiked on to Little Jimmy Trail Camp.

Photo: Deb near the summit of Mount Baden-Powell.

Trail Date: Monday, May 5th

Mileage: 14.6 miles

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