Day 30: Little Horsethief Canyon to Bike Spring

This morning’s hike took us to Cajon Pass, which is where the Pacific Crest Trail passes under Interstate Highway 15. It’s well known by PCT hikers as the location of the only McDonald’s on the trail (well 3/10 mile from the trail, anyway).

We arrived in time for breakfast (Deb’s included a chocolate milkshake – she has been hungry on this leg) and found it pretty good compared to the trail food we have been eating recently. We bought two days of food from the Chevron gas station/mini mart next door and relaxed on the grass in the shade outside for awhile with a dozen or so other hikers. Until the sprinklers turned on soaking everyone and their packs. Actually this bit of trail mischief felt good.

It’s been warm recently and the next 22.5 miles of the PCT have no water and 8,000 feet of climbing up into the mountains near Wrightwood.

We had been debating the best strategy for this section, but naturally chose Deb’s approach which was to depart under the scorching sun during the hottest part of the day with our packs heavily loaded with 5 liters (11 pounds each) of water. She was determined to resist the magnetic pull of the Best Western motel which is also located at Cajon Pass.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad as we took our time on the long hot climb and are now camped 16.9 miles away from the next water. We should be able to reach water tomorrow night, and then have a short (nero) into Wrightwood on Sunday.

PS – We just learned hiker Chris was reunited with his pack and he is now ahead of us on the trail.

Photo: Deb looking down at Cajon Pass

Trail Date: Friday, May 2nd

Mileage: 12.2 miles

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