Day 29: Grass Valley Creek to Little Horsethief Canyon

Today’s hike was along the shores of the very pretty Silverwood Lake. Flowers were blooming everywhere.

We stopped at the picnic area where we got water and rinsed out some clothes. We had them drying on the picnic tables and a tree limb when a park truck pulls up and the driver walks towards us. We both had the same thought – we were going to be in trouble for having our laundry hanging everywhere. Instead, Cathy hands us two delicious fruit cups and tells us to have a lovely day.

We hiked another seven miles of the Pacific Crest Trail to a lovely camp spot, where a quail has been scolding us for the last two hours because we apparently invaded her space.

Deb just saw her second shooting star of the hike.

Photo: Silverwood Lake

Trail Date: Thursday, May 1st

Mileage: 17.6 miles

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