Day 145

Wahtum Lake
Wahtum Lake

Day 145: August 25th

Mile 2119.3 to Mile 2140.7 (Wahtum Lake)

Today’s hike continued around Mount Hood and then along something called the Bull Run Watershed which supplies the water for the City of Portland. Pretty hiking along forested ridgetops.

My shin is starting to feel much better, probably 75-80% of normal now.

Most Pacific Crest Trail hikers take the senic Eagle Creek alternate trail into Cascade Locks but I hiked the official PCT as far as Wahtum Lake today.

Mileage: 21.4

Day 144

Mount Hood

Day 144: August 24th

Mile 2102.5 (Barlow Pass) to Mile 2119.3

After hiking about five miles hiking I arrived at the historic Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. It’s a pretty cool place and was the location where much of the movie “The Shining” was filmed.

Pacific Crest Trail hikers are drawn to the lodge by the excellent all you can eat buffet. I arrived as the breakfast buffet was ending, so decided to wait in the lobby an hour for the lunch buffet at 11:30.

The lobby has a historic feel and was bustling with activity. A dozen or so hikers, lodge guests, and a man giving tours who kept standing on various pieces of furniture to demonstrate how well constructed they were. The food was excellent too.

The PCT was a busy place as I hiked north from Timberline Lodge. Day hikers, weekend backpackers, and a Boy Scout troop. It’s no wonder with the beautiful views of Mount Hood, forests, and waterfalls.

Mileage: 16.8

Day 143

Some of the many trees along the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon.


Day 143: August 23rd

Mile 2082.1 to Mile 2102.5 (Barlow Pass)

It felt good to be back on the Pacific Crest Trail after two days resting in the motel. Pleasant weather and my leg felt good. The hike was mostly through dense forests. Passed Timothy Lake, the very interesting Little Crater Lake and the 2,100 mile mark. My leg got a little tired late in the day. Met Deb at Barlow Pass.

Mileage: 20.4

Day 140

A vintage Pacific Crest Trail sign in Oregon.

Day 140: August 20th

Mile 2073.7 (Warm Springs River) to Mile 2082.1

I only hiked eight miles today and met Deb. I decided to take two days off to rest and hopefully let my leg heal. I will be back on the Pacific Crest Trail soon.

Mileage: 8.4

Day 139

Day 139: August 19th

Mile 2053.6 (Olallie Lake) to Mile 2073.7 (Warm Springs River)

The Pacific Crest Trail winds through the dense forests of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. Part of the trail was closed until recently because of forest fire. Fortunately only a few tenths of a mile burned and the trail was recently reopened.

My shin continues to be painful and slow me down, especially hiking downhill.

Mileage: 20.1