Day 157

Mile 2345.5 to Mile 2368

It’s starting to feel a bit like autumn on the Pacific Crest Trail. The days are cooler and the nights too. But it had not yet turned really cold. Some of the bushes and other foliage are turning colors.

Mileage: 22.5

Day 156

Day 156: September 5th

Mile 2322.8 to 2345.5

It was a beautiful day today as the Pacific Crest Trail continued through Mount Ranier National Park this morning. The PCT passes east of the mountain and does not go to the summit but we still have excellent views of it. I met Deb at Chinook Pass for lunch and resupply and then continued hiking north for the rest of the afternoon.

Mileage: 22.7

Day 155

Day 155: September 4th

Mile 2303 (White Pass) to Mile 2322.8

The weather was much better today and I had a chance to clean up and dry out most of my gear yesterday at White Pass. I reached Mount Ranier National Park this afternoon and had many beautiful views of the huge snowy mountain.

Mileage: 19.8

Day 154

Day 154: September 3rd

Mile 2282.7 to Mile 2303 (White Pass)

I was camped about three miles south of the famous and picturesque Goat Rock ridge. Unfortunately it was still raining as I departed camp and the weather got worse as I reached the ridge. Near white-out visibility, blowing cold rain, and an inch of fresh snow eliminated any possibility of a view or photos.

After six or seven miles the trail dropped in elevation and the weather improved some. I continued to White Pass where I met Deb and we got a room so I could dry out gear.

Mileage: 20.3

Day 153

Day 153: September 2nd

Mile 2260.6 to Mile 2282.7

The section of the Pacific Crest Trail continues to to be very pretty and I have not even gotten to the Goat Rocks yet.

It did start to mist and rain late in the afternoon. I hope it clears up overnight. I saw a group of about 30 wild goats high up near a ridge.

Mileage: 22.1

Day 152

Mount Adams

Day 152: September 1st

Mile 2237.5 to Mile 2260.6

Back to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail today after a zero day in the small community of Trout Lake. Today’s hike was very pretty as it traveled along the western side of Mount Adams with great views of the mountain.

I am trying some Zenzah compression leg sleeves that I ordered from They are suppose to help with Shin Splints and I had no leg pain at all today.

Mileage: 23.1