Day 147

Bridge of the Gods.
Bridge of the Gods.

Day 147: August 27th

Mile 2155 (Cascade Locks) to Mile 2179.5

This morning I crossed the Bridge of the Gods from Cascade Locks, OR into Washington, the final state I will be crossing in my journey.

Crossing the bridge was a minor adventure. The bridge is tall and the surface is a metal grating that you can see right through – 140 feet down to the water and boat traffic below. The bridge has no pedestrian walkway, you walk in the traffic lane facing the oncoming traffic. The side railings seems smaller than you would expect too. You have plenty of time to contemplate these things as you walk the one third mile length of the bridge.

At 200 feet in elevation, Cascade Locks is the low point on the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s all up from here and the trail made a big climb up Table Mountain shortly after entering Washington.

Mileage: 24.5