Day 16: Mile 201.7 to Ziggy and The Bear

Today was a short day of hiking to trail angel Ziggy and the Bear’s place just outside of Cabazon, CA. We had camped about four miles south of the Desert Water Agency water fountain placed in the desert for Pacific Crest Trail hikers. Excellent water, and the first water source in 20 miles. The securityContinue reading “Day 16: Mile 201.7 to Ziggy and The Bear”

Day 15: Mile 182.7 to Mile 201.7

Today’s hike took us across Fuller Ridge and then the very steep descent down the north side of Mount San Jacinto. Fuller Ridge is notorious among Pacific Crest Trail hikers for being covered with dangerous snow and ice, but with the dry year we have had, Fuller Ridge was virtually snow free and easy toContinue reading “Day 15: Mile 182.7 to Mile 201.7”

Day 14: Idyllwild to Mile 182.7

We had pleasant stay at the Idyllwild Inn and this morning they gave us a ride back to Saunders Meadow Road where we stopped hiking yesterday, so we could resume our hike around the Mountain Forest Fire closure. We walked to the South Ridge Trail which rejoins the Pacific Crest Trail after climbing Tahquitz Peak.Continue reading “Day 14: Idyllwild to Mile 182.7”

Day 13: Hurkey Creek CG to Idyllwild

After a surprising restful night at a nearly empty Hurkey Creek Campground we continued our adventure in search of a route to Idyllwild. We found a mountain bike trail running north of the campground that parallels Highway 74 just to the east. We followed it until it began to veer away from the highway, soContinue reading “Day 13: Hurkey Creek CG to Idyllwild”

Day 12: Mile 144 to Hurkey Creek Campground

We reached the closure of the Pacific Crest Trail at mile 162.6 this morning and began our little adventure of finding a way around the Mountain Forest Fire closure area. So far, it has gone pretty well. In case anyone is interested, this is the route we took: At the PCT closure signs we tookContinue reading “Day 12: Mile 144 to Hurkey Creek Campground”