Note to readers

I probably will not have cell coverage for the final 10 days of hiking so don’t expect blog updates during that time. I will send Twitter updates to:

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Congratulations, Lon, on finishing the PCT!!!! What an accomplishment! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following your blog and twitter accounts along the way. I look forward to reading more of your experiences when/if you have a chance to detail your trip! When does your book come out???!!!! Now that your journey is all over, do you find yourself missing the trail? :0) Are you feeling exhausted physically or that your body is still strong and used to the hard work each day? I can’t help but think of all the people who crossed the West with covered wagon, many on them on foot beside their oxen…. Again, many congratulations!



You’re in some beautiful country now! Enjoy these last days and savor your time on the trail. If you have a chance, please take photos of the new trail across the washouts below Rock Pass. We hiked across those in July and they were hairy!

You’re doing great and we’re thinking of you!

Scout and Frodo


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