Day 165-170

photo13Day 165-170: September 14-19th
Mile 2476 (Stevens Pass) to Mile 2599.6 (Rainy Pass)

Tortuga’s wife drove me back to Stevens Pass along with hikers Tortuga, Princess, Mr. Sandals, Firecracker, and Tidy Camper and we were off to hike the Glacier Peak section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Another hiker described this as the final exam of the PCT and on many ways this is true. It’s a very beautiful and scenic section of the PCT but in many ways it’s difficult too. I was taking six days so I needed to carry more food than any time since the Sierra. The section involves quite a lot of climbing, about 6,000 feet per day and about 8,000 feet on the third day after Stevens Pass. You definitely need to plan on fewer miles per day in this section.

Most hikers resupply in Stehekin, but I opted to go an extra day to Rainy Pass where I met Deb instead. It’s interesting to note that the North Cascades National Park does not honor the PCT thru-hiker permit, the only national park with this policy. The North Cascades National Park was otherwise very nice and the backcountry vacant, except for a handful of PCT hikers.

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