Day 159

Day 159: September 8th

Mile 2392 (Twilight Lake) to Mile 2402 (Snoqualmie Pass)

Today was a short day of hiking to a nero at the Summit Inn at Snoqualmie Pass. The Pass is a very small ski resort next to Interstate Highway 90. Not too much here, but it’s been a relaxing half day off with several meals at the Pancake House next door.

I have now passed to 2,400 mile mark and only have about 260 miles remaining to reach Canada.

Mileage: 10

4 replies on “Day 159”

Wow, so close! I’m wondering how it feels to be so close to the end of your long journey after 5 1/2 months of hiking!!?? Are you exhausted? elated? Yes, of course, to both. May the good weather hold for your last 193 miles!


Congrats on another milestone. You’ve earned a break — and some breakfast.


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