Day 160

Snoqualmie Pass
Near Snoqualmie Pass

Day 160: September 9th

Mile 2402 (Snoqualmie Pass) to Mile 2418.6

The Summit Inn was full of hikers, probably 25 or 30 staying at the Inn and a bunch more just having meals at the Pancake House next door. Not sure where they all came from, but there are a lot of hikers on this section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

It rained last night (as forecast) and was foggy and misty in the morning so I relaxed in the motel a few hours waiting for the weather to clear before I started hiking around 10.

It’s a big climb out of Snoqualmie Pass, about 6,000 feet according to the Halfmile App for today. A lot of today’s hiking was in the fog and clouds but at least it was not raining.

Mileage: 16.6