Day 111

The Trinity Alps.

Day 111: July 22nd
Mile 1556.4 to Mile 1578.4

This morning was clear and sunny but cool. We haven’t had such a cool night in a long time.

The trail went downhill all morning to highway three and then began the inevitable climb back up. We are in the Klamath National Forest and passed into the very beautiful Trinity Alps Wilderness. Once again the views are spectacular – we hope a picture can do justice to what we are seeing in person.

We were hoping to do more than 22 miles today but just like yesterday thunderstorms rolled overhead in the late afternoon. We hurried up the ridge to find a small stream for our camp water and then stopped shortly afterwards just below the ridge. Deb worries about lightening because the GPS device on Lon’s backpack is extended like a lightening rod!

Mileage: 22

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