Day 96

Day 96: July 7th
Mile 1260.7 to Mile 1275.4

Today we hiked just 4.5 miles before we took some time to visit the wonderful trail angels at Honker Pass. Nancy and Terry Williams and their extended family are amazing but not listed in any Pacific Crest Trail guides because they only open their lovely vacation cabin to hosting hikers a few weeks a year. You will know if they are open if you see a sign on the trail.

Five of us stopped by Honker Pass and were treated to excellent food, showers, and laundry. Their hospitality is amazing, all hikers agreed!

Deb and I could only stay a few hours because we need to hike the 70 miles to Chester, CA by Thursday to pick up some gear being sent to the post office (which is not open on weekends). Especially important is new shoes for both of us: the Sierra snow and wet trails (now a distant memory) was hard on our shoes.

Lon weighed in on the Honker Pass scale at 160 pounds, 27 pounds lighter than when he started hiking on April 3rd. He is looking so fit! Deb is holding steady at 103, but will be packing more carbs in her pack this next leg.

We departed Honker Pass in the afternoon and hiked about 10 more miles before making camp for the night.

Mileage 14.7

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