Day 86-87

Day 86-87: June 27-28th
South Lake Tahoe

We decided to take a double zero in the town of South Lake Tahoe. It seems a number of hikers have reached this point and now need extra time to eat town food in order to build some fat reserves that have been depleted by the Sierra to Tuolumne Meadow hiking and the two subsequent sections (I and J).

We also used this town stop to buy (and ship) food for the next 3 sections. Deb is trading down to a Golite pack to help reduce her pack weight. Lon bought a new Jetboil, new hat, new socks and found new gaiters in the hiker box at the local outfitters. Deb also replaced her fleece gloves. Thanks to all the hikers who have given her advice on foods to eat in this next section to keep her energy level up.
Mike, our town trail angel, is giving us a ride back to Echo Summit at 8:30 a.m. Sunday.

One reply on “Day 86-87”

Hi Lon and Deb! I’ve just caught up with your journals and am always happy to hear from you and where you are. I’ so proud of you both — and delighted to feel a tiny bit like I’m with you as a result of your nifty photos and entries. I remember section I — hiked it N>S and it was up down up down up down etc., but only after maneuvering that snow field. My friend Connie and I did it — Jim and her partner Ed hiked in the first day with us and we sent them out with a whole lot of extra weight we decided we didn’t need. She brought the water treatment tablets for both of us and to save weight had put the two kinds together in one bottle. So they were contaminated and we started asking hikers we saw if they had any extra. Fortunately we found someone who did. We finished the section pretty fast, enjoying our last night dining at Glen Aulen — there wasn’t anything else to do but hike. Then we picked up my car which the guys had stashed on their way back south. We called them and said we’d be home for dinner — that was back when I ate steaks — and dinner was fine!

Eat a nice breakfast and continue to have a great hike!

All the best, Jan and Jim


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