Day 88

Day 88: June 29th
South Lake Tahoe to Dicks Lake

Overheard on the trail today:

“Daddy, this is hard,” said the three-year-old day hiking the Pacific Crest Trail along Echo Lake.

“If it were easy everybody would be doing it,” replied the father.

Truer words have never been spoken.

The day today was filled with day-hikers and weekend backpackers enjoying the trail. Even the dogs were carrying packs.

We returned to highway 50 to resume our hiking, refreshed and fed and rested. The trail was very gentle and kind today as we walked up to and around and above numerous clear blue lakes. We want to go swimming, but they are still a little too cool for us – maybe a few more hot afternoons will make them more appealing.

We passed the 1,100 mile mark and are camping at mile 1,109.7 tonight.

Mileage: 17.7

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