Day 79

Day 79: June 20
Mile 965.8 to Mile 983.3

Today we had a minor disaster. Our Jetboil stove broke. The threads on the stove that are suppose to hold the gas canister are stripped. It even made a pretty impressive fireball when the canister popped off while we were cooking. Thankfully nothing caught fire. Unfortunately, we have breakfast and dinners left that work better with hot, rather than cold, water but we have worked out a meal strategy for the next 2 days.

Today’s hiking was mostly a repeat of yesterday’s: steep up and downs with fantastic views. There are a surprising amount of rock/stone staircases in this section – a little hard on the knees and feet, but very impressive trail building work.

Is tomorrow naked hiking day – Deb wants to know? Traditionally it’s the first day of summer, but we have lost track of the calendar out here on the trail.

Mileage: 17.4 miles

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