Day 76

Day 76: June 17th
Mile 916 (above Agnew Meadow) to Mile 933.6 (Lyell Fork)

The Pacific Crest Trail and the John Muir Trail diverge and take separate paths to Thousand Island Lakes and we naturally took the PCT. This path gently climbs and traverses a green valley with small waterfalls and water cascades crossing the trail many times during a given mile. The mountain range across the valley from our path was a beautiful vista of snowy peaks, sometimes capped by the clouds.

The day was very windy and we seemed to adjust our layers every half hour. In the afternoon hours we were climbing over Donahue Pass, the last Sierra pass in the park. The few snow patches were easy to cross. The roughest part of the day was the trail tread before and after the pass – we had to concentrate on our feet as we stepped up, on top, or over big stone steps. Deb won’t miss the big steps!

Tomorrow we pick up a resupply box at the Tuolumne post office, grab a burger (of course), and hike a few more miles away from Tuolumne to camp.

Photo: Thousand Island Lake

Mileage: 17.6 miles

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