Day 75

Day 75: June 16th
Red’s Meadow to Mile 916 (above Agnew Meadow)

We had a few chores to finish up in Mammoth Lakes, so we got a late start on the Pacific Crest Trail this morning.

We stopped by the post office shortly after it opened and mailed back Deb’s bear canister and our remaining snow gear. Deb will share Lon’s bear canister until they are no longer required at Sonora Pass and then we will ship that one home too.

We then took a free shuttle bus up to the ski resort/bike park to catch another shuttle ($7 round trip) to Red’s Meadow.

Felt good to be back on the PCT. Lon replaced the Superfeet insoles in his shoes and the new replacements are very comfortable. He also had the tips of his trekking poles replaced by the outfitter in Mammoth.

The PCT diverts from the John Muir Trail today and we were walking new Sierra miles for Deb, along the San Joaquin river – turned out to be a very green and beautiful section. Two passes tomorrow, Island and Donohue, although Lon is calling Island a “pino” (pass in name only.)

It was a windy day and cool temperatures are forecast tonight.

Photo: The Zpacks tent pitched in our sheltered campsite tonight.

Mileage: 9.2 miles

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