Day 64 – Glen Pass

Day 64: June 5th
Mile 788.9 to Mile 801.5

After climbing Kearsarge Pass the previous day to return to the Pacific Crest Trail, we camped low at Charlotte Lake to re-adjust to the elevation. In the morning we began the 2 mile climb to Glen Pass, which peaked for us at 11,950 feet. The climb up was through a beautiful canyon and snow covered the trail little until we neared the switchbacks at the top. We didn’t need our crampons until we climbed over the top and saw the steep downhill slope completely covered in snow. We were down and out of the snow in less than a mile, but still Deb postholed half a dozen times. The warmer temps today are melting the snow quickly.

In the afternoon we leisurely strolled down through Rae Lakes and Dollar Lake down, down, down to Woods Bridge. Once again we marveled at the picturesque scenery: snow-covered mountains, alpine lakes with golden trout, and roaring streams of water everywhere.

Tonight we are camped up another canyon with a river roaring besides us. We will climb Pinchot Pass in the morning.

Photo: Deb coming down the snowy north side of Glen Pass.

Mileage: 12.6

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