Onward to Patagonia, AZ

On 3/4/20 we hiked 14 miles to Arizona Trail mile 42 and camped near Red Bank Well.

Our fourth day on the Arizona Trail started cold with frozen shoes but sunny skies warmed things up pretty quickly. The hiking was fairly easy contouring the rolling Canelo Hills East, but of course muddy from the previous day’s rain. We transitioned to the Canelo Hills West and the trail and vegetation dried out.

While hiking, I spotted seven ring tailed cats, the state animal of Arizona. First sighting was a group of six crossing the trail, then later a single ringtail. It is not really a cat, but is related to the raccoon and coatimundi.

On 3/5/20 we hiked 10 miles to Arizona Trail mile 52 and camped near Patagonia, AZ at the Patagonia RV Park.

We woke to clear skies and eagerly hiked the last 10 miles into the small town of Patagonia, AZ. We are tent camping at the RV park and are clean, laundered, and fed. We also bought our next 5 days of food at the market.

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