CDT Update: Chama, NM

We have now completed the entire state of New Mexico on the Continental Divide Trail.

After leaving Cuba, NM the trail climbed in elevation and changes from desert to alpine forest and mountains. Much of the trail is above 10,000 feet and often closer to 11,000 feet.

Our week hiking was made a little more challenging with snow covered trails, downed trees, rain and endless soggy meadows keeping our socks and shoes wet.

Deb has reached her goal of hiking New Mexico and will be taking a break from hiking until the snow thaws in Colorado so we can finish the Colorado Trail that we started last summer. I’m evaluating the snow conditions and taking a short break to decide where to resume hiking next.

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Congratulations, Lon and Deb, on completing the New Mexico portion of the trail. Let me know when you decide to tackle Idaho.


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