Cuero, TX and the DeWitt County Courthouse Clock Tower

On the road to Goliad, we stopped for a break in Cuero, TX. The RV was parked next to the DeWitt County Courthouse and we were eating lunch on the RV steps when the Courthouse maintenance man walks by and lets us know the Courthouse is open if we want to go inside. They even give tours of the bell tower. Who could pass that up?

The 1896 Courthouse was restored in 2007. It is beautiful inside and DeWitt County doesn’t mind showing it off. We stopped by the County Court office and signed a liability release form and then up up up to the very top of the building we went. Elevators and stairs and a circular stairway and through a trap door and then we were at the very top of the building checking out the clock and the bell tower. A very interesting and unexpected day.